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In times of rapid change you need more than creative talent. A fresh approach is needed to translate marketing investments into an agile competitive edge for your organization. True value comes in balancing the pragmatism of showing a clear path to results, with the intangible creative aspects of building a memorable brand. An archetypal approach harnesses the power of storytelling to develop your sales pipeline. We will help you Aamplify your impact.

Brand Development

Brand Identity // Storytelling // Brand Activation

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Benefits of an archetypal approach

Increases real asset valuation
Attracts and retains stakeholders
Guides brand culture strategy
Embeds unique brand identity
Aligns brand and culture

We create magnetic demand. The team at Aamplify Partners harnesses the phenomena of archetypal wisdom to unlock the true potential of your brand. Using archetypes guides the strategy and brings your story to life in a way that creates magnetic attraction — the illusive piece that builds lasting value. If you'd like to tap into seasoned capability and fresh thinking that delivers tangible results, please get in touch. With the right mix of experience, knowledge and passion, and our backgrounds in software, technology and professional services marketing, Aamplify helps clients build the brand equity that translates into long-term success. To find out more about putting brand to work for your business; check out a journey worth taking.

Archetypes in Branding: A Toolkit for Creatives and Strategists offers a highly participatory approach to brand development. Combined with a companion deck of sixty original archetype cards, this kit will give you a practical tool to:
  • Reveal your brand's motivations, what its trigger points are and why it attracts certain customers,
  • Forge relationships with the myriad stakeholders that affect your business,
  • Empower your team to access their creativity and innovate with integrity
Readers will use this tool over and over again to inform and enliven brand strategy, and to create resonant and authentic communications. HOW Powells Amazon Indie Bound Barnesandnoble Image Map

Strategic Brand Development

Offered by HOW-University. Workshop Length: 4 weeks Asynchronous learning via Blackboard-take at your own pace. Tuition: $99 Come play and hone your archetypal skill so you can apply this age-old concept to your storytelling. While many people have some familiarity with archetypes, most are still unsure or unaware of the power archetypes play in decision-making, motivation, relationships and, by extension, in branding. In this course, Margaret Hartwell, demystifies the concept of archetypes by immersing the student in a deep dive exploration that offers a hands-on approach to confidently apply the tool to real-world situations.

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Why Archetypes in Branding?

Today’s brands are increasingly defined by their interactions and relationships. Customers are demanding greater accountability and integrity from businesses. Workers are craving a deeper sense of meaning from their careers. And companies are continually seeking ways to achieve more powerful and resonant brand engagements. Applying the phenomena of archetypal wisdom facilitates a more authentic, holistic and human way of being in business.

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