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What's the Deeper Meaning?

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

I loved being a guest on the Baby Got Backstory podcast, hosted by Marc Gutman, brand extraordinaire, and founder of wildstory. If you're a brand practitioner, definitely add Baby Got Backstory to your podcast rotation. Marc is a master storyteller and really knows how to host and be in conversation with all kinds of people and ideas that will expand your thinking on brand building and brand meaning.

Branding is really about increasing the value of a relationship, much in the way that you would increase the value of a relationship with your family or a friend or your community. -Margaret Hartwell

We talked about the origin story of the book, Archetypes in Branding: A Toolkit for Creatives and Strategists, other candid twists and turns in my journey, and touched on three key learning opportunities in using an archetypal approach to brand development:

  1. RELATEDNESS An archetypal approach opens a door to a deeper level of connection to yourself, society, and any relationship. This helps particularly in the branding space because it is no longer about pushing your ideals, it’s about relatedness.

  2. BRILLIANCE Once you recognize that failure is to be embraced, that is where your brilliance will shine through. These lessons become the tools you use throughout life.

  3. CURIOSITY Archetypal strategy brings about a unique curiosity about life and people. It can apply to benefits beyond branding by helping people understand themselves and how they want to move in the world.

Here's the link to listen:

The process of this kind of introspection and alignment of everything changes the way that people hold on to right and wrong. They’re not as much about finding a solution, as opposed to finding a process that continues to reveal value…This is actually something that is going to grow along and with and inside and outside of us. - Margaret Hartwell


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