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Archetypes in Branding: A Toolkit for Creatives and Strategists offers a highly participatory approach to brand development. With a foreword by Jay Ogilvy, co-founder of Global Business Network and a companion deck of sixty original archetype cards designed to help the effective integration of brand culture and communications, the book includes useful advice on the meaning and responsible use of archetypes, as well as how to apply archetypes in a variety of business contexts. Archetypes in Branding gives you a practical tool to:

  1. Reveal your brand's motivations, how it moves in the world, what its trigger points are and why it attracts certain customers.
  2. Forge relationships with the myriad stakeholders that affect your business.
  3. Empower your team to access their creativity and innovate with integrity.

With the archetype cards, Hartwell and Chen Design have created a unique way to have conversations that matter to the future success and sustainability of your brand and your business. Readers will use this tool over and over again to inform and enliven brand strategy, and to create resonant and authentic communications.



Praise for Archetypes in Branding

Chris Palengat, Worldwide Account Director, Saatchi & Saatchi Fallon Group

“Hartwell and Chen have created something in Archetypes in Branding that is as beautiful to look at as it is seductive in its ideas and writing. The concept of brand archetypes is well-known, if under-utilised. What they have done here is not only make them easy to use, but also accessible. They work with the belief that brands are a fundamentally human social concept and that 'brand patterns' repeat themselves over time. This make it easier for us to understand how consumers actually connect with brands at a time when we are seeing unprecedented change in every other sphere of brand management. A wise read for anyone who cares about nurturing brand.”

Marty Neumeir, Author of The Brand Gap

“What a beautiful tool! Archetypes in Branding takes us deep into the myth-making potential of brand, explaining why we intuitively trust some companies and shun the rest. A must-have for every serious brand-builder.”

Debbie Millman, President, Design, Sterling Brands

“In this brilliant new toolkit, Hartwell and Chen reveal how archetypes influence brands. In doing so, they inspire us to reevaluate our own relationship with brands and simultaneously teach us new methodologies to elevate our own work.

Cynthia Scott, PhD MPH, Core Faculty, Presidio Graduate School

“Hartwell and Chen make a rich and complex topic conveying meaning through brand archetypes simple and elegant. Archetypes in Branding opens the door for leaders to use "brand" to build agile global cultures that evoke universal engagement and vision.”

Amazon Reviews


By James A. Signorelli
November 9, 2012
Unlike most books on archetypal analysis applied to marketing, this book drills deep. In addition to the commonly used 12 archetypes, this fans each out into sub-archetypes which I find extremely helpful. The book itself is beautifully designed, but it's far more than an art piece. For anyone looking for a way to think about their brand as a story, this book offers great insight and practical application. Highly recommend.

A Must-Have for
Corporate Storytellers

By David H. Rosen
January 22, 2013
I was happy enough to find a book that explains a whopping 60 archetypes, but when I saw it was written for marketers -- as opposed to the usual tomes aimed at screen writers -- I knew I'd struck gold. There are also sections on the differences between stereotypes and archetypes, the application of archetypes in an ethical manner and how they can be applied to a brand to express its disparate components as one narrative. A must-have for corporate storytellers.

Buy the book. Digital
version is ok for reference

By Delmy Alvarenga
January 21, 2014
I've been using archetypes for a while in my communication strategies, especially for the digital world, when a character is needed to communicate and build relations with consumers, and even though there are 12 archetypes, this extensive catalog provides different angles to the same archetype. The families are well constructed providing a lot of versatility and a lot of fun playtime.

Must read for any
branding / graphic designer

By J. Cheung "Jules"
March 16, 2013
This book guides you through conceptual thinking techniques, in the form of archetypes, to help better understand and unify brand expression. Its basically an expansion off of Jung's 12 main archetypes. The book begins by explaining why, how, and where archetypes are used in branding, and then provides a list of 60 archetypes (broken down into physical cards that you can detach from the book) for you to explore.