Pulling Back the Curtain

After receiving numerous inquiries about the organization and hierarchy of the families in the book, Archetypes in Branding, it felt like the right time to try to pull back the curtain a bit and share what went into that process. I’m sure practitioners frequently run into a variety of naming…


Come Play!

Brand Hackathon Using archetypes to build brand culture and spark innovation, engagement and impact A fundamental shift in the marketplace is upon us. Consumer expectations for sustainability are moving from obligation to desire and leading businesses are embracing the imperative of sustainable brand innovation to reveal new opportunities, drive growth and…


Thorny Problems

Super cool! Channelling The Idealist! Harnessing the power of our shared archetypal narratives to help solve the world’s thorniest problems. Richard Gayle, a finalist in the Popular Science #CrowdGrant Challenge is asking the question, “How can stories positively alter people’s outlooks on the future?“

HOW 2013

HOW Design Live: Expert’s Corner

By: Melissa Mazzoleni | April 30, 2013 As HOW Design Live gets closer, we’ve reached out to speakers from all four creative conferences to give us a sneak preview of the expertise and perspective they’ll bring to the event. Check back often…


Archetype or Meme?

I’ve received some queries about the difference between archetypes and memes. So here goes: Memes are intelligible cognitive elements that can be copied and spread through networks like a virus spreads through an organism. Archetypal theory is a precursor to memetics.Memes are ruled by evolutionary principles and…