Guess the top business skill?

Yes, storytelling! “Research indicates that 78 percent of CMOs think content is the future of marketing. And two thirds of marketers think branded content is superior to PR, direct mail, and print advertising.” Here’s the full article.


Thorny Problems

Super cool! Channelling The Idealist! Harnessing the power of our shared archetypal narratives to help solve the world’s thorniest problems. Richard Gayle, a finalist in the Popular Science #CrowdGrant Challenge is asking the question, “How can stories positively alter people’s outlooks on the future?“

HOW 2013

HOW Design Live: Expert’s Corner

By: Melissa Mazzoleni | April 30, 2013 As HOW Design Live gets closer, we’ve reached out to speakers from all four creative conferences to give us a sneak preview of the expertise and perspective they’ll bring to the event. Check back often…


When Advertising Meets the Meme

While Ms Kirby mixes up memes and trends and fads this article from the Harvard Business Review contains some great links to some impactful (note: i didn’t say valuable 🙂 storytelling from the world of advertising and popular culture. Underneath some of these memes are archetypes… can you…