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Asynchronous learning = No set class time! Course is structured to fit around your schedule.
Workshop Length: 4 weeks,
Tuition: $99.99 

Come play and hone your archetypal skill so you can apply this age-old concept to your storytelling. While many people have some familiarity with archetypes, most are still unsure or unaware of the power archetypes play in decision-making, motivation, relationships and, by extension, in branding. In this course, Margaret Hartwell, author of Archetypes in Branding: A Toolkit for Creatives and Strategists, demystifies the concept of archetypes and offers a hands-on approach to adding archetypes to your strategic and creative toolkit. The course offers a structured deep dive that immerses the student in the world of archetypes in order to create the confidence to apply the tool to real-world situations.This course explores the role of archetypes in strategy, communication and design initiatives, discusses real-world examples, and explores the powerful and practical role that archetypes can play in creating and managing an integrated and genuine brand.

• Understand the basic foundation of archetypes: what they are and what they are not
• Learn about the twelve fundamental archetypes and their families
• Practice identifying and analyzing archetypes

Who might benefit from this course?
Anyone who would like to add archetypes to their strategic and/or creative toolkit: including in-house and agency professionals: marketers, designers, art and creative directors, writers, planners, managers.